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Treatment information

Contouring Detox Body Wrap

This is not your typical day spa body wrap! We offer an all natural transdermal cream that will not extract water from our skin's natural hydration. This is a internal cleaning that stimulates our circulation system while using plastic wrap to help hold in heat, creates pressure that promotes to loosen our toxins through our lymphatic system. Reduce the appearance of cellulite and promote a healthy and permanent inch loss of 4-14 inches per body wrap treatment with CONTOUR Body Wrap Cream.

Because this is not a water loss wrap, a healthy diet and exercise program will prevent the lost inches from returning. This cream is also very effective for those suffering from poor circulation and fluid retention. All natural fortified with herbal extracts to help condition the skin.

BENEFITS:• Remove cellulite by targeting and removing toxins trapped in the connective tissue• Soothe, heal and stimulate new tissue growth• Increase skin elasticity and improve skin’s firmness. SUGGESTED USE: Client may have 1 body wrap every 4-7 days.

Wrap should never be performed on: someone who is pregnant, nursing, cancer, taking blood thinners, & epilepsy.

NIACIN/NIACINAMIDE – Increases circulation by dilating blood vessels while encouraging lymphatic flow. SOY OIL – Helps to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and structural glyco-proteins. Also helps to soothe the skin while providing essential nutrients such as vitamins A, E and K, phosphates and lecithin. CASSIA – An herb that promotes fluid flow, including blood and lymph fluids. ALOE VERA – A botanical extract, which helps to calm, heal and soothe the skin. It is also considered natures anti-biotic, working as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and as an anti-fungal.

Day of Treatment: Exfoliated clean skin without lotion, bring undergarments or swimsuit that you don't mind the product on. Being that this is a transdermal cream, product absorbs into skin and we ask you not to shower up to 6 hrs after treatment.

Anti- Cellulite Vacuum Massage: Amplifies the processes of this detoxification process by releasing lymph and toxins that leads to better circulation. Great for overall health by toning our skin and muscles.

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